Conduit and PAC Information

A Political Action Committee (PAC) is tool allowed under Wisconsin campaign finance law that allows individuals to pool funds together and donate to candidates for office.

Your investment in the WIANA PAC helps CRNAs attend events and have the opportunity to educate policy makers. Legislators and other policy makers define your scope of practice in Wisconsin. They need to meet us face to face, and understand the importance of the work you do!

WIANA uses a secure payment process. Please specify if your donation one-time, monthly, or quarterly. Please consider a monthly or quarterly donation as the need to educate about CRNAs never ends.

Make an online donation here.

Those who donated in the past may have placed their funds in the WIANA Conduit. These funds stay in the Conduit until you give permission to release it. Per Wisconsin campaign finance laws, we must contact you for permission each and every time your money is used. Campaign finance laws have changed considerable the past few years, and more organizations are moving to utilizing PACs only.

Thank you!  Questions?  Contact the PAC Guys at