CRNAs In The State Of Wisconsin

Welcome to the profession of Nurse Anesthesia within the state of Wisconsin. Your WIANA resources and responsibilities as a member are outlined within this informational brochure and can also be referenced on the WIANA website.

The Association

Your dues are important to pay for hosting educational meetings, for association management, attorney and lobbying services, and to support the board members and committee members who volunteer their time to represent you in at our national meetings and in Washington D.C. WIANA is divided into five regions, each with a CRNA representative to the board of directors. These Region Directors serve a 2-year term, and are the voice of the local CRNAs on the board of directors.

We need to hear from you. Please respond to surveys and emails, since the Board of Directors needs to know your opinions and practice data to effectively represent you. Keep your correct email addresses on file with the AANA, which automatically updates WIANA listing. Using your AANA membership number and the email you have on file with the AANA, you may obtain a password required to enter the “members only” portions of by following the on-line prompts.

Members receive help with reimbursement issues, practice issues, peer assistance and more, from volunteers who are also CRNAs. You can make a difference in the direction of the association. Email the president, or call your Region Director to volunteer your talents to a committee. This is a membership driven organization–your opinions and involvement are needed!

Educational Opportunities

Educational meetings are held within the state twice yearly in spring and fall. The fall meeting includes a business meeting with the membership for updates on practice issues for the year. See the website for the dates, locations and programs of upcoming meetings. We offer programs based on prior meeting evaluation comments, using nationally recognized speakers and leaders in our profession as well as local speakers of merit. Our programs are planned to provide you with the necessary credits in pharmacology required to maintain your APNP certification. Your attendance at our WIANA meetings helps your association indirectly to monitor and to defend our profession in many ways: networking, discussing current issues, meeting vendors, sponsoring students and more!

Prescriptive Authority in Wisconsin

APNP: The other credential you must have in WI to practice independently under the terms of our Opt-out Wisconsin Advanced Practice Nurses enjoy the right to prescribe medications if certified as Advanced Practice Nurse Prescribers (APNP). Some Wisconsin employers are requiring nurse anesthetists to have their APNP certification. The APNP is easily obtained as a new CRNA enters the profession with recent coursework in pharmacology, otherwise 45 credits of pharmacology needs to be obtained in the last 3 years to qualify. Please see our website for additional information Maintenance of APNP certification requires completion of regular pharmacology continuing education credits; 24 credits in a three-year period are required. It is the responsibility of each APNP to maintain evidence of such credits in the event of an audit by Wisconsin’s Department of Safety and Professional Services

Three important ways to provide Insurance to your Profession:

1. AANA Foundation:
Charitable limb of our national organization which funds research and education objectives for our profession. Do not leave our defense to another profession! Wisconsin has a designated representative to answer questions and stimulate interest in AANA Foundation, the Wisconsin AANA Foundation Advocate. See website for current appointee. Donations may be made through many programs and vehicles:

2. WIANA Conduit and WIANA state PAC:
The WIANA Conduit is a way to make your individual voice heard with policy makers in the state of Wisconsin. With the Conduit, you control your money, and whom it goes to. By law, the Conduit must seek permission from the donor before utilizing the funds. The WIANA PAC is a general fund for those members who prefer to remain anonymous; permission from the donor is not necessary for WIANA to utilize the funds. Members can make an investment in their profession on the website or in person at our meetings. Convenient monthly or quarterly donations are an option, too. These important funds give us a voice with key policy makers, with the advice of our lobbying firm Martin Schreiber and Associates. Without these face-to-face contacts to tell our story, policy makers will never understand what CRNAs do, nor the impact of legislation on practice.

3. CRNA-PAC; The AANA federal Political Action Committee:
Administered through the AANA Government Relations Committee and the AANA office in Washington, DC, this fund supports the legislative and political needs of our profession within the national arena. Can we really rely on someone other than CRNAs to influence public policy for CRNAs in the federal arena.

Useful WIANA email addresses

Keep these in mind, no matter who currently holds the elected office.

WIANA is your association working at the state level to protect and enhance your profession.

“In times of prosperity, professional people give little thought to the principles of group survival and are satisfied with the most tenuous of bonds with their fellow workers. It is only when common problems become too big for individual solution that the average professional person becomes conscious of the protection that can be found in organization.”
Thatcher, V.S. (1953). History of Anesthesia with Emphasis on the Nurse

Non-Deductible Dues:

The total amount of non-deductible dues for AANA/WIANA is $93. $25 is for National, and $68 is for the WI State Portion.