CRNAs New to the State of Wisconsin

Welcome to WI! To gain full access to the site, please register by clicking the login/register link above. Many aspects of the site are password protected to maintain sole use of that information for WI CRNAs. You will be asked to provide an email address. WIANA discourages use of work email addresses for reasons of security.

You automatically become a member of WIANA once you have paid your AANA dues and updated your contact information. WIANA is a 501C nonprofit—and your membership gives you voting rights and an opportunity to help guide the direction of this unique and active professional organization.

Paying your annual membership dues is extremely important. The majority of every state association’s funding comes from your dues. These funds are used to manage our association; run our website, allow for representation by a lobbying firm, pay for public relations initiatives, meet the auditing and reporting requirements of our nonprofit, and run our educational meetings. Without these funds, we are limited in our ability to represent our profession at the state level.

Likewise, on a national level, the remainder of the dues helps us represent the profession to policy makers at Medicare, large insurance companies, and members of Congress who make the rules and regulations that greatly affect our practice.

Our state association structure is broken down into five regions, each with its own director. This is your “go to” person for questions you have regarding the association or practice issues in the state.

For information on the economics of anesthesia, statutes regulating our practice, the Opt Out, and state workforce studies, go to our CRNA Practice Page.

For a breakdown of the independent national entities that set standards for, and protect our practice (AANA, COA, and NBCRNA), click here.

If you have a practice, billing, or professional question your CRNA colleagues volunteering for the organization can help. You’ll learn a lot when you volunteer, and will foster organizational, business, and PR skills you never realized you had. WIANA welcomes any and all that wish to put forth the effort to move the association forward.