CRNAs: Words and Images from the Front Lines Campaign

View CRNA Stories and Images From the Front Lines

If you are visiting this page, you are already curious about how to participate in WIANA’s new CRNAs: Words and Images from the Front Lines Campaign. This 2020 PR initiative is uniquely different from anything WIANA has done before. The foundation for increasing WIANA’s PR presence across the state will be an inventory of first-person accounts, photos, and video recordings from CRNAs relating their experiences as healthcare providers, particularly on the front lines of the COVID-19 pandemic.

These stories and images will be used to promote the role and value of Wisconsin’s CRNA workforce by leveraging traditional media (print and broadcast), social media, the WIANA website, and member communications. And while the jumping off point for the campaign may be the ongoing healthcare crisis that has impacted every American, the overarching purpose is to create a lasting impression with the public regarding CRNA care, compassion, and capabilities.

If you do not have pandemic-related experiences to share in words or images but have other experiences to share which may be of keen interest to the public, please submit them today!

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Campaign Goals

1) Increase public awareness and understanding of nurse anesthesia in Wisconsin through PR efforts focusing on CRNAs’ roles and responsibilities during the COVID-19 crisis.

2) Educate and inform the public about staying alert and safe via messaging tailored to this particular time frame in the arc of the pandemic.

3) Increase member engagement through participation in the campaign. With your help, we can get this done!

Important Dates to Keep in Mind:

1) Campaign start date: 8/17/20

2) End date: Open, but we are requesting that initial pandemic-related stories and images be submitted by 9/17/20 to get the campaign off to a rousing start! To participate: Be creative, have fun, and do the following:

Tell your story in words!

The old-fashioned way! Do you have a compelling clinical experience to share? A heroic deed? A unique professional insight? You don’t need to be a professional writer to participate—if you type out your story and send it in, our professional editor will polish it up. Intrigued? See Simple Guidelines for next steps.

Tell your story in photos!

Send us photos of you, you and healthcare colleagues, you and patients (with permission, of course!) for use on WIANA social media and the WIANA website. It is said that a picture is worth a thousand words, and it’s true! There is no better, easier, more compelling or enjoyable way to tell your story or show what CRNAs do than with photographs. See Simple Guidelines for next steps.

Tell your story with video!

OK, we lied. Videos really are better and more compelling than photos! We live in a videocentric world, so here’s your chance to enjoy your 1 minute of fame on WIANA’s social media and/or website! Using your cell phone or camera, record a brief, humorous, dramatic, or compassionate message that tells your audience about CRNAs in a succinct, creative, informative, and profoundly watchable way. See Simple Guidelines for next steps.

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Where to Submit

Submit your photos and photo captions, your videos, your signed consent forms, your written stories, or your questions to