Hospital Administrator Guide

Thank you for visiting the Hospital Administrator Guide. WIANA is the source for the most up-to-date and factual information regarding CRNA practice in Wisconsin.

The links below contain information regarding:
– CRNAs in Wisconsin and the Opt Out of 2005
– Billing and Reimbursement
– Subsidies; How facilities can make changes to lower the large subsidies for anesthesia departments
– WIANA’s State Reimbursement Specialist, who can help you in securing the value of your CRNAs

About Nurse Anesthetists

Who We Are

CRNAs and The Surgeon’s Liability

Fraud in Anesthesia Billing

Facility Administrator Resources

CRNA Practice Map

The Opt Out Provides Options

Collaborative Agreement Explained

Billing Models

Simple 1-4 Operating Room Examples

In Depth – Teaching and Non-Teaching Examples, 12-36 Operating Rooms

A Message From The WIANA Board

When CRNAs are allowed to practice to the full scope of their experience and education, with or without anesthesiologists, hospitals and anesthesia departments reap the benefits. Departments save money with excellent outcomes.

CRNAs in Wisconsin have partnered with hospitals to control costs, while maintaining high quality care and high patient satisfaction scores.

We strive to work together with all physicians in the true collaborative spirit. We look forward to a new era in healthcare, based on modern day studies and statements by the Institute of Medicine, the Federal Trade Commission, and others that promote the full scope of practice for Advanced Practice Nurses. They call to stop barriers to practice that stifles the contributions of experienced and educated providers, and unnecessarily drives up health care costs for no additional value.

CRNAs welcome engagement with our hospital administrators. Should you have any questions regarding our practice and its impact on the economics of anesthesia, contact us at

Best Regards,
WIANA Board of Directors